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Oshibori wellness - Eau de Regnery - edles Frotteetuch The special luxury inspired by relaxation traditions in
the Far East. The high-quality terry towel for relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshment; can be used hot or cold. Traditionally used as a greeting or before or after
meals. Your guest will, of course, also appreciate the revitalising "wellness minute" at other times as well.

Tip With a zip fastener for hygienic re-usability

Applied cold provides intensive freshness, acts like a
cold compress and is the "minute's holiday" from
everyday stress. Manufactured without alcohol, the
towel can be safely used in the sun. The unique zip-
fastened packaging means that it can even be refilled
with water.

Heat up for 15 seconds in the microwave and the mini-
sauna is ready. Simply unfold the hot towel, lay on the
face or use it to rub the hands, arms and neck, and
enjoy the intensive, indescribable rejuvenating and
relaxing experience.

Product information

terry towel

Oshibori wellness

- superior terry towel
- does not contain alcohol
- for cold and hot application
- with aloe vera

Oshibori eau de Regnery
Oshibori eau de Regnery

- superior terry towel
- does not contain alcohol
- for cold and hot application
- with a classic men’s

Individual printing for orders over 2.500 units
Terry towel
1 towel in hygienic individual sachet
Packaging unit
200 units in a box
Towel size
approx. 220 x 220 mm
Packaging size
93 x 175 mm


gift box Oshibori wellness

Oshibori wellness
Also available in an attractive gift box á 5 towels!